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Prime Minister’s Office
Ministry of Defence
Minitry of Education
Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism
Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports
Ministry of Health
Radio Television Brunei
Royal Custom and Traditions Department
Tourism Department
Electrical Services Department
Government Printing Department
Information Department
Royal Customs and Excise Department
Immigration and National Registration Department
Brunei Fire and Rescue Department
Environment, Parks and Recreation Department
Public Work Department
Land Transport Department
Lawn Bowls Association Brunei Darussalam
Brunei Karatedo Federation (BRUKAF)
Brunei Darussalam Athletics Federation (BDAF)
Brunei Darussalam Pencak Silat Federation (PERSIB)
Brunei Amateur Swimming Association (BASA)
Brunei Darussalam Sepak Takraw Assocation (PESTABARU)
Brunei Darussalam Taekwondo Association (BDTA)
Brunei Darussalam Wushu Federation